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Public Works/Commissions

2013        Paintings, The University Hospital, Coventry

2010        Candles, Stoop, Mary Magdalene Church, Coventry

2006       Sculpture,   Coundon Primary School,  Coventry

2005       Sculpture,  Foxford School,  Coventry

2003-4   Mary Magdalene,    Mary Magdalene Church,  Coventry

2003       Godiva,  Godiva Awards,  Coventry

2002       Rejuvenation,  Coundon Court School, Coventry

2000       Millennium,  Coundon Court School, Coventry

1996       Head of George Singer,  Coundon Court School,  Coventry

1987        Resurgence,  Shell Chemicals,   Chester

1976        Coventry Cross (parts), Coventry

1974        Relief Sculpture, Lex Property Building,  Birmingham

1973-4    Horse and Eagle Panels, Various Locations

1973        Risen Christ,   St Anthony's Church,  Oxford

1972-3    Flying Cross,  Methodist Church,  Warrington

!971-2     Greyhound Racing Dog Panels, Blue Cap Restaurant,   Cheshire

1971        Market Sculpture Panels,  Market Tavern,  Bedworth

1970        Concrete Sculpture Panels, Hotel,   Ilford

1970-2    War,  Howitzer Club,  Coventry

1969       Goat Screens, Goat Hotel,  London

1966       Wygeston Church Sculpture, Wygeston Church,   Leicester

1965       Sunflowers,  Sunflower House,   Coventry

1962       Phoenix,  Coventry Council, Coventry

1960       Three Figure Group,  Lyng Hall School,   Coventry

1958       Naiad, Young Contemporaries, Coventry

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