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Solo Exhibitions

2013    That Which Remains Of Us, The University Hospital, Coventry

2005    Drawing and Sculpture,   Godiva Awards, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

2003    Drawings and Sculpture,   Mary Magdalene Church, Coventry

1992    Library Gallery, Warwick University,  Coventry

1990    Recent Sculptures, Whitefriars Gallery,  Coventry

1989    Sculpture and Drawings,  Rimpton Gallery,  Wiltshire

1989    Sculpture and Drawings,   Shell Chemicals,    Chester

1984    Retrospective,   Herbert Art Gallery,  Coventry

1980    Drawing of the Head,  Lanchester Gallery,  Coventry

1978    Recent Drawings, Lanchester Gallery,  Coventry

1959    Drawings,  Elizabeth's Gallery,   Coventry

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